• What is The F Factor?

    The F Factor is nationwide startup competition in the UK underpinned with active entrepreneurship education for students and graduates to harness cutting-edge innovation and shape them into solutions for the world’s most pressing problems.

    This competition is designed to provide young aspiring entrepreneurs with tools, skills-training and context to bring their ideas to life and present them to experts as well as opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers, interact with mentors and gain access to work experience.

    We want you to factor entrepreneurship into your future.

  • What do I need to enter?

    For your final F Factor submission, what is needed is

    • The description of your idea in 280 characters
    • A link to your prototype or a one minute video walk-through of your prototype
    • A Video pitch of two minutes maximum to present your idea

    If you have any questions about the entry process or want to provide feedback, please contact the organisers at pickme@ffactor.me

  • Eligibility: Age Groups

    Category 1: In order to be eligible for this competition you must be aged between 14 and 18 by March 29th, 2020. This means that if you are currently 18 but will turn 19 before March 29th, 2020, you have to enter in the 19-25 year olds category

    Category 2: In order to be eligible for this competition you must be aged between 18 and 25 by June 31st, 2020.This means that if you are currently 25 but will turn 26 before June 31st 2020, you are unfortunately not eligible to enter.

  • I already have a startup. Can I enter?

    Yes! You can enter if you already have a startup.

    However we do have some entry criteria:

    Company registered for less than 6 month

    • Received less than 100K in funding
    • Less than 3 full time staff with salaries
    • Less than £50k revenue
  • What do I need for the Online Qualifiers?

    The Online Qualifiers include several milestones to complete your submission to enter The F Factor.

    See all 5 Milestones below:

    • Milestone 1 – Select a problem & frame your idea.
    • Milestone 2 – Bring your idea to life by building your first mockups (Optional if you choose the Fast Track)
    • Milestone 3 – Talk to users/customers and collect feedback (Optional if you choose the Fast Track)
    • Milestone 4 – Submit the final prototype of your product
    • Milestone 5 – Submit your final pitch in video

    Please find an explication of the Normal Track and Fast Track as well as the Milestone on our competition page

  • What do you expect in a prototype?

    To enter we want to see a prototype of your solution. This means we want to see anything that can be put in the hand of end-users and to enable them to interact with your solution.

    This can include hardware prototypes or wireframes for software solutions. It can be as simple as interactive paper wireframes. using apps like Marvel & Flinto or fully built products.

    See here – https://app.smrtp.io/c4UTdQalfU


  • What do you expect from a pitch video?

    We want to see your pitch video to learn more about your solution! We need you to be able to articulate the problem, explain your solution and tell us why your product can be a viable startup. Therefore, the best pitch videos will be prepared and rehearsed. Don’t forget to introduce yourself or your team!

    However, we won’t judge your entry on the video production quality. A selfie video that you record with your phone will work just fine as long as we can hear you and see you clearly.

  • Can I enter if I’m not in school anymore?

    Yes you can! Whether you’re working full time, taking a gap year, finishing your studies or working on your own startup project, we welcome everyone to apply! We have two age categories, 14-18 & 18-25 so be sure to select the right group.

  • Can I enter if my school is not a partner?

    Yes you can! The F Factor is open to everyone in the UK.

  • What is the timeline for The F Factor Competition?

    Key Dates:

    Online qualifiers – 14th October 2019 - 25th January 2020

    Regional semi-finals – 8th of February 2020

    Regional finals: 9th-13th March 2020

    National final Category 1: 14-18: 28th March 2020

    National final Category 2: 19-25: 11th June 2020

    Once you’ve been selected from the Online Qualifiers, we’ll invited you to join the Regional Semi-Finals and present your pitch to a panel of judges. Using video conferencing, our judges will assess your solution and follow with a Q&A.

  • What is Founders of the Future?

    Founders of the Future aims to support all aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey to become founders, offering programmes, events and a curated network of like minded ambitious people. Founders of the Future have launched the nationwide startup competition The F Factor, giving aspiring entrepreneurs a launchpad for their startup and a chance to win £10k equity free!

  • What shall I do if I need HELP?

    If you need help to formulate your entry, check out our competition page which will link you to the different Milestones page which all have resources and tools to guide you through your entry.

    The F Factor team won’t be able to provide direct feedback or help develop your startup idea but we provide this to help you learn in your own time.

  • How much business experience do I need?

    None. You will not be judged on your CV or what you have achieved in the past. You just need to have the start of a great idea. You just need to show us that you are serious about your idea and that you are the right person to build it. You should also think about why there is a demand for your business and include some customer feedback in your pitch!